Introducing Art Glass

The world has more than 400 years of history of producing glass art (Art of Stained Glass). Based on the accumulated professional experience, I have built the brand APM ART.GLASS in the last 10 years to bring this glass art to Vietnamese homes perfectly. I learned the secrets of glass art and brought it into Vietnam in the early 2000s. Our production process follows the traditional method by using gold or black lead bars, precision welding, polishing, steaming and combined with computer drafting software. APM ART.GLASS uses CorelDraw, Photoshop and especially CAD technology to ensure the accuracy of every detail on each product before production. Each design will be reviewed approximately 8-10 times before it is put into production, including the final evaluation of the customer. 10 years, 3,500 customers, and 15,000 products to help us improve our products. We have developed sealed and internal sealing techniques to eliminate moisture, reduce noise and power consumption in the home. We also developed sandwich technology between glass and glass with a connecting bar that allows the product to be completely unaffected in high humidity or temperature environments. We are committed to quality by warrantying all products for 3 years, but not because of that, we improve the cost of products. We always keep prices at a medium and acceptable level for the majority of Vietnamese people. We will continue to develop brands and improve product quality, along with customer satisfaction across the country. Friendly welcome!
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